We can measure our personal CARBON FOOTPRINTS by calculating how much greenhouse gas our activities produce.

Every time we turn on a light, travel by car, eat a meal, switch on a TV, or use anything that requires energy,
we produce carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

climate cartoon

The CHALLENGE involves understanding the causes of climate change and then envisioning and embodying effective solutions
so we, as a planet, can avoid the worst potential consequences.

Are YOU ready to take the Challenge?

The April/May ISCFC session is now officially completed! The next session is planned for September 2015; check back for exact dates.

Check out the amazing student conversations from this past sesion...
and click here for more information on how to involve your class(es) in future sessions.

As of May 5, 2015, our updated calculator is now online!!

The new version includes the most recent international footprint data, new question choices and a fully functional mobile version (for phones and tablets)!

Enjoy, and please let us know if you encounter any problems with the new version.

Follow each step in the menu to:
Find out how your classroom can take part in this project, specifically designed to help students measure their personal CARBON FOOTPRINT and discuss climate change concerns with students around the world.
Use our student-oriented footprint calculator to calculate your personal footprint, and find out what you can do to reduce your impact.
(New version May '15 with full mobile support!)

Compare students' footprints worldwide
Find out how you and your class can meet students and teachers around the globe to discuss what you've learned and envision solutions to safeguard OUR planet's future!

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